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Ivanek Epi Lab
Welcome to Ivanek Epi Lab!
We aspire to advance One Health

The overarching goal of our computer lab is to advance One Health — the interconnected health of people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. We strive to improve lives through better health and food systems.

We develop sustainable data- and model-driven approaches for improving food safety, controlling infectious diseases, and optimizing food production systems. 

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Dr. Renata Ivanek

Main research areas:

Control of infectious diseases

  • Antimicrobial use in food animals 
  • Control of COVID-19 in the food industry

Improving food safety and optimizing food production systems

  • Food safety
  • Decision support tools for the food industry
News and Updates

Agent-Based Models in Food Safety

These video presentations introduce viewers to Agent-Based Models (ABMs) in food safety and a basic…

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Three sessions on mathematical modeling of infectious diseases with application to COVID-19

Organized by the Epidemiology Faculty at College of Veterinary Medicine (April 2020): Session 1 recording:…

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Learning and applying multimedia

We are learning new multimedia approaches to communicate science with the world! Here is a…

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Introduction to Epidemiology

This graduate level course covers fundamental epidemiology concepts and methods in the investigation of determinants of health or disease in populations. Topics include causation, measures of disease frequency and association, sampling methods, selection and interpretation of diagnostic tests, type and characteristics of observational and controlled studies, and bias and confounding.


Renata Ivanek, DVM, MSc, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology
Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Dept.
College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
S1-026 Schurman Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853 USA

Tel: +1 (607) 253-4383
Fax: +1 (607) 253-3083
Email: ri25[at] 

Lab Twitter: @Cornell_EpiFS

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